Rejuran Skin Booster 3 + 3

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Rejuran Skin Booster 3+3 couriered from Korea to Singapore on 03.08.2020.

Flawless Stunner is ONE OF THE AUTHORISED SELLER FOR REJURAN PRODUCTS in SINGAPORE ????????. We have the Rejuran Authorization letter.WE will RENEW the AUTHORIZATION LETTER with REJURAN every now and then. Our Rejuran products are couriered from Korea every now and therefore our stock batch is always the latest batch.

This time round, we are bringing in ONE OF THE MOST SOUGHT product from REJURAN.

The Rejuran Skin Booster 3+3!!!

What is Rejuran Skin Booster 3+3?

Rejuran Skin Booster 3+3 is an advanced treatment which is suitable for all kinds of skin and can solve all kinds of skin problems.

Rejuran skin booster 3+3 contains c-PDRN, Hyaluronic acid + c-PDRN and 4 kinds of amino acids for better skin aesthetic effect.

Rejuran skin booster 3+3 comes with 3 bottles of Hyaluronic acid +c-pdrn & 3 bottles of amino acid.

  1. Specific standard DNA fragments obtained from salmon germ cells using patented DOT technology.
  2. Promote skin improvement.
  3. Obtained drug approval in Europe

Rejuran skin booster 3+3 is a combination of the two solutions which helps to bring an unexpected improvement to damaged skin, and has a powerful repair function. At the same time it can help to lighten the scars on the face.

Main Ingredients:

Rejuran Skin Booster 1?? Water, Hydrolyzed DNA, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hyaluronate.

Rejuran Skin Booster 2 ?? Water, Glycine, Proline, Leucine, Lysine HCL, Sodium Chloride

Results after using :

????Replenish water for your skin , shrink pores and brighten skin.

????Can fight against aging and reverse age.

????Can activate collagen regeneration.

????Can firm up our skin.

????Can help to smoothen wrinkles

????Can help you repair old and damaged cells

Hyaluronic acid + c-PDRN ??increase skin moisture, remove free radicals, help in cell proliferation and movement.

Amino Acid??4 kinds of amino acids (glycine, L-lysine, L-leucine + L-proline) which are the essential substances that promote the production of collagen and elastic fibers, and help to prevent aging and maintain the skin moisture.

Usage instructions:

?? Mix one bottle of HA c-PDRN 2ml and one bottle of Amino acid 2ml  each type together and apply with MTS roller or derma roller.

You also can bring to any facial salon to get the beautician to help you to apply during facial treatment.

Specification: 1 Box of 6 Bottles/2ml

3 bottles of pdrn (A dose) +

3 bottles of amino acid (A dose B).

Each month one time.

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