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It contains a blend of 62 types of cosmetic ingredients, including ceramide 1.3.6, placenta extract, super collagen, hyaluronic acid in nano form, Vitamin C and hot spring water from the Izumo Tamtsukuri Onsen in Japan. It is supposed to replace my toner, serum, moisturiser and whatever else I use in my daily skincare regime. All I need is this one bottle after washing my face.

It’s quite the conundrum because, on one hand, I like how long skincare routine makes me feel like I was pampering and looking after myself. This goes against everything I’ve learnt about skincare. On the other hand, if this really works, this could potentially save me a lot of time every morning and night.

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The key to maintaining fresh, young-looking skin lies with moisturizing. However, applying moisturizer every day takes time and can be a little annoying, leading some of us to skip it. That’s why, after washing my face, I really wanted to try using a moisturizing, all-in-one product to complete my skincare routine. This type of product is already mainstream in Japan, and since it seemed great for busy women, I wanted to see if these all-in-one cosmetics would really work. The reason I tried this one, in particular, was because I saw it several times in well-known women’s magazines, where it was introduced as a popular product and a favorite of many actresses and female doctors.

The wait for the all-in-one gel was finally over and without any further hesitation, it was time to take a closer look and try it out. On the outside of the product’s packaging, all of the ingredients are all clearly specified.

Also, on the inside of the packaging, there is an illustration that explains clearly how to use the gel that is easy to understand and very helpful.

It’s time to give it a try! The gel is super easy to use. After washing your face, all you need is this one bottle and to follow the steps below.
First, you will need to place about 3 pumps of gel into your hand. For those of you hoping to feel the effects of the gel sooner, you can use more than the recommended amount when using the gel for the first time.
Next, spread the gel gently over your hand and slowly apply it with both hands to the face, making sure not to rub the gel too harshly into your skin.

To see an example of how to gently moisturize your skin with this gel, you can check out the video below. 
Impressions After Using the Gel

In order to really feel the effects of the Mediplus-Gel, I stopped using all of my usual skincare products and only applied this product. At night, I even used it as a night mask.

As for the results, I really noticed how my skin felt much more moisturized. This is definitely a product that I can’t stop using. In only a few days, my skin was also more receptive to makeup, which lasted much longer on my face. From using this I realized that I didn’t need to load up my skin with several products, and instead, learned the importance of simple skincare. I could shorten my skincare routine and was honestly satisfied with the results!

According to my research about the gel, it is recommended by dermatologists, and even those with sensitive skin can use this product without any trouble. It has even received a gold quality medal from Mond Selection (an international standard for high-quality products) for 4 consecutive years. So naturally, with 6 million of these bottles sold, this is one high-quality product!

Mediplus Gel DX Rich All In One Gel 160g

Mediplus Cleansing Oil 160ml

Non-drying cleansing oil

This oil-based cleanser has a light, non-sticky texture that feels more like water. With moisturising ingredients to prevent dryness. Contains macadamia and olive extracts which protect the skin from wrinkles and damage.

Free from parabens, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, petroleum-based surfactants, artificial colours and scents, minerals oils, and silicon.

How to use:

Apply around 4 pumps of cleanser to the face using clean dry hands. Use the fingertips to spread around delicate areas (nose and eyes). Wet your hands and pat them onto your face to emulsify the cleanser. Then rinse away the cleanser thoroughly.


Mediplus Cleansing Gel 160 g

Mediplus Gel DX Rich All In One Gel 160g


All-in-one gel for anti-aging

Intensively moisturizes aging skin.

Highly penetrates and hydrates the skin that is concerned about severe dryness and signs of aging.

Human collagen and Phalaenopsis moisturizes skin intensively while care for wrinkles, skin elasticity and suppleness.

Thickened texture makes you feel "moisturizing feeling".

Free from paraben, phenoxyethanol, alcohol (ethanol), petroleum surfactant agent, synthetic fragrances,

synthetic colouring agent, mineral oil and silicon / Allergy tested 

How to Use:

Take an appropriate amount (about 2-3 pushes) onto the palm.

Apply the gel slowly outward from the centre of the face.

Spread it slowly to cheeks, forehand, temple and jaw like wrapping them gently.

At last, push lightly the face with palms.

Mediplus Gel DX Rich All In One Gel Half 80g

Mediplus Wash Powder 60g

Mediplus Moisture UV SPF40 PA+++ 40g

Mediplus face sheet dry type [20 sheets]

Mediplus lip balm 3g

Mediplus hand cream 55g

Mediplus body cream 150g

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