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Two weeks after ordering you will receive the product
Due to Covid-19 the number of planes decreased
So it takes two weeks
But we promise to deliver it to you certainly

This product is very effective turmeric supplement

which is worth waiting for two weeks!!

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2piecs or more promotion now!!

Very popular in Japan
Suppoting liver supplement

Thick Turmeric 6months supply

Durk yellow grains support your liver

This product contains 5400mg
of useful ingredients of turmeric called "Curcumin"  
in one packet

Very thick! Very effective

We take responsibility for your satisfaction!!
You need not hesitate to buy it!!

You can get the following benefits by suppoting liver 

1.Support liver detoxification
Turmeric is natural liver detoxifiers whch helps the liver 
with increasing the production of vital enzymes to break down toxins in body.

2.Lose fat
Turmeric has thermogenesis properties
that burn off the calories in the body for energy expenditure.
it prevents fat accumulation in body and decreases the size of body fat.

3.Protect against free radical
Turmeric is great antioxidant which are helpful in fighting  against free radical .
it delays aging.

4.Immune power up
It support immune system

In addition, ingredients that further enhance
the power of turmeric are also compounded

This moment is your chance
to get various benefits by suppoting liver!!

Trust high quality Made in Japan!!

? how to take?Take 2tablets per day

?Expiry?August 2023

Special today price Rp 388.400
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