Premium Gelish Gel Nail Polish by Honey Girl for Shiny Glossy Polish Nail [2014-2015

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High quality Salon-Grade Gelish Nail
Made in USA

2015 Collection
Retail Price: $29.90
Buy 1 get 1 FREE
(Limit to 60 only)
While Stock Last!
Choose 1-233 colours,
please state the exact quantity !#!amp!*! the colour code(s) in the box provided.

Kindly follow this colour chart to order!!!
Popular Glitter Gelish Series:
Popular Basic Gelish Series with shiny coat:
The Basic 6:
Popular Earthy Gelish Colours:
Beautiful Pastel Colours for Spring:
Seductive warm hearty tone:
For attention lovers:
The elegant series:
Best-Selling Series:
Dazzling Stones Series:
Youthful bright colours:
The Cool tones:
Monster Series:
After ordering, pls remember to leave a msg,regarding what colours you want! all colours are Available!!!
Popular Gelish foundation gel !#!amp!*! Top it off gel
Gelish Top !#!amp!*! Base coat
How to use
1. apply base polish (Foundation gel) and blow dry ,then apply colour nail polish one more time quickly.
2. After applying colour nail polish, wait for it to dry
3. Apply top coat (Top it Off) for protection.
Click on image to purchase Gelish Nail Remover 120ml
UV Light machine 36w with timer

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