3D Invisible Adhesive Nubra/ Bridal Wedding Nude Bra/Strapless push up Bra/Nipple sticker/Panties

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self-adhesive, strapless, backless, and reusable bra

#01 Invisible Silicone Nubra

V shape !#!amp!*! PUSH UP
(sizes up!!!)

When you need it?

How to put on:

How to wash?

Model photos

Can put on 2 if you want biger size

#02 Seamless Invisible Nubra
--Butter Fly--

V shape !#!amp!*! PUSH UP
(sizes up!!!)

String pulled to creat bust line

Bulit in silicon to push up size

How to wash

Black color

skin color

Blue color

Pink color

Model Photos

#03 Silicon Nipple Cover


Flower shape

Round shape

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