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Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
Taste The Apple. Not The Vinegar

PopSugar Has Just Named Goli As A 
"Top Essential Immunity Booster To Stock Up On" !

Apple Cider Vinegar Has Antibacterial Benefits
As Well As Prebiotics To Support
A Healthy Immune System

As Always, Goli Is Made With Organic Ingredients
And Infused With Vitamins And Superfoods
Making It A Daily Health Necessity


Fresh Stock is IN !

As Seen On 'The Ellen Degeneres Show'


Qoo10 Sole Exclusive 

Executive (Singapore)

Why Buy From Us ?

We Are The Exclusive
Sole-Authorised Qoo10 E"Store &
Executive Official Distributor 

Recongized By Goli Nutrition Inc (USA)
And Not A Small Reseller

These 2 Certificates Are
ONLY Granted To IncBox Pte. Ltd. 

1 Bottle @ $26.90
1 Month Supply
60 Pieces Per Bottle

Our Stock Is 100% Authentic
Shipped Direct From Goli Nutrition Inc (USA)

This Is The LOWEST Price We Are Legally Allowed
To Sell In Singapore By Goli Nutrition Inc (USA)

~ Apply Qoo10 Coupon To Offset The Price Further ~

For More Product Information

Please Purchase Your Food Supplements 
From A Reliable Source As It Is
A Consumable Product 

Health Is Not Worth The Risk !

Packed With Powerful Antioxidants
Infused With Superfoods

1. Apple Cider Vinegar 
2. Beetroot
3. Pomegranate 
4. Carrot
5. Blackcurrent

More Than Just A Gummy !

1. Improve Complexion
2. Helps Reduce Weight
3. Enhances Energy
4. Helps With Digestion
5. Detoxifies The Body
6. Strengthens The Heart 

Is There Any Gelatine In Goli Gummy ?

NO !

In Order To Make Goli Gummy Vegan,
Healthy And AccessibleTo Everyone
We Do Not Use Any Gelatine In Our Product

We Make Our Delicious Gummies With Pectin
Which Is Made From Orange Peel

Unlike Other Traditional Gummies That Uses Gelatine
Which Is Made From Animal Skin And Bones

As Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Are Made
From 100% Natural Ingredients,

It Will Take Some Time For The Body
To Heap The Full Benefits 

2 Gummies Is Equal To 
1 Shot Of Traditional Apple Cider Vinegar

With The "Mother"

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Contains
NO Preservatives, Chemicals
Or Artificial Ingredients

Our Gummies Are Completely 

1. Organic
2. Vegan
3. Non-GMO
4. Gluten-Free
5. Gelatin-Free
6. Unfiltered

Made With Real Apples And Packed With
Additional Vitamins B9 And B12

1. Vitamin B9 - Also Known As Folic Acid, It Plays
A Big Role In Human Growth And Development

2. Vitamin B12 - Reducing Caffeine Rush;
Regulating Metabolism; Enhanced Mood;
Increase In Energy; Boost Endurance & Immune System

Why Not Make A Sugar-Free Gummy ?

The Alternatives To Sugar Are Full Of Artificial Sweeteners
And Alcohols
That Would Go Against
Our Mission Of Being A Healthy Gummy

We Use A Very Low Amount Of Organic Cane Sugar
To Help Mask The Taste Of Vinegar

We Also Use Pectin (Fruit Peel)
Instead Of Gelatin (Animal Skin And Bones)

That Requires Both A Sugar And An Acid To Set Properly

Each Gummy Only Consist Of 1 Gram Of Organic Cane Sugar

If You Are Looking For A Great Start To Your Day With A Boost Of Energy,
Take Them First Thing In The Morning

If You Are Looking To Help Curb Your Appetite, 
Take Before Or During Your Meal To See The Best Results

Or After Meal To Help With Digestion And
A Healthy Alternative To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings!

For Optimal Results, We Recommend 2 To 4 Gummies A Day

Suitable For Kids Above 4 Years Of Age
1 Gummy Per Day

Secured With A Child-Proof Cap 
Push Down & Turn To Open 

Produced In An FDA Registered, cGMP Certified And
Allergy-Free Facility In USA

That's Why Goli Is Proud To Support The Work Of Vitamin Angels
Continually Strive To Reduce Malnutrition In Children
By Giving Them Access To Lifesaving Vitamins And Minerals

Every Purchase Made Provides A 1-To-1 Vitamin Grant
Through Our Partnership With Vitamin Angels
To Provide A Child In Need With A 6-Month Supply Of Vitamins

 Limited Quantity 
  While Stocks Last   

As A Token Of Our Appreciation

All Gifts Are Specially Customized And
Upgraded For Our Customers 

Hope You Will Like It !


( For 3 Bottles And Above )

Apple 3D Memo
- 1 Set -

150 Pages (Max) For Best Opened Apple
Upgraded Euro Export OPP
1x White Fruit Net
1x Double Sided Tape
1x Pink Clip
1x Stem

< Instructions Will Be Included >

( For 10 Bottles & Above )

Apple 3D Memo
1 Set 

3D Scented Wax Apple
 Set Of 2 

 Apple Aroma 
Upgraded Kraft Packaging
Gold Ribbon

Size : 12.5 X 6.5 cm


We Are A QPrime Shop Which Means Anybody
Who Purchase Over $60 Gets To Enjoy FREE Shipping
No Matter What You Buy You Buy As Long As
You Check Out In A Single Cart  :)

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