Kids Goodie Bag/ Color Pencil FROZEN Gifts Light Stick Wallet Stationary Sticker

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Additional Gifts into ur Goodie Bag? Click onto the Pic to Land into the Page

String Bag to Put all your Goodies in it ?

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ADD ON STRING BAG !!! Put all the Goodies into one String Bag to look so niceeeeeeeeeeee ^^


01. Kids Crayon

Each Set Include 8 Piece of Crayon

Measures: 6.6 x 10.8

Packaging may differ due to Different Batches, But will be the same cartoon 

02. Korea Packaging Gift Set

Simple - 5 Piece of Stationary in one Set

Each Set Include 2 Pencils, 1 Sharpener, 1 Eraser, 1 Scissor

- Simple Blue Gift Set/ Simple Pink Gift Set -

- Simple Stationary Gift Set Blue - Simple Stationary Gift Set Pink -

- GOOD Stationary Gift Set -

10 Piece of Item in Each Set

- Good Stationary Gift Set Blue -

- Good Stationary Gift Set Pink -

03. Cartoon A4 File Holder

Suitable for Kids, Teenage, Adults
Able to put A4 Papers, Documents, Kids Homework

Measures: 33 x 23.5 cm

Color may be slightly different from Picture due to Lighting

04. Creative Animal 3D Art

Kids train their fingers skill while preparing and pasting onto the Art Piece

Kids will sure enjoy the colorful Art

Measures: 17 x 23 cm

05. DIY Decorative Bag

Design and decorate their own bag, can use as recycle bag

Each Set Include 1 Bag, 6 Marker, 6 Blink Decoration

* Bag Handle may differ from different batch *
06. Superhero Coloring Pens

Each Set Include 1 Container and 12 Coloring Pens

7. Kids Coloring Pencils with Sharpener

Korea Wording on the packaging

Can directly use as Goodie for Parties without any Bags since the Packaging is CUTE enough ^^

Each has 12 Different Color Pencils

Measures: 10.5 x 3.5 cm, Color Pencil: 9 x 0.7 cm

08. Kids Scratch Book with Pencil

Cute and Creative Book For Kids Birthday Party/ Celebration/ Event

Kids can scribble freely on the book with colorful colors coming out 

Measures: 10 x 14.5 cm , Pencil 14 cm

Kids can draw the interesting design onto the book

09. Claw Catcher
No Battery Needed for Kids to Play Anytime Anywhere they Like. Travel, Waiting for Buses etc
4 Balls Included
Every Kids Favourite Game in Acarde
Easily Move and Adjust the Claw Manually
Enhance Kids Finger ?? and Eyes ???? Focusing Skills to grab hold of the ball, Hold it & Move to drop it to the Hole
Suitable for both Kids and Adults to join in the Fun
Challenge your kids and see who can bring all the balls out first!
Your Kids may win you!!! ????
Measures: 8.2 x 6.3 x 7.2 cm

10. Kids Korea Packaging Magnet Set

Enjoy the fun with Magnets

* Magnet - Green, Box is Red, Inner is Green * Packaging May Diff But Still Korea Packaging Due to New Production *
11. Cartoon Rolling Stamp

Each Set comes with 3 Design , Rolling Stick and Stamp. Stick Color May be Different

Box Size: 7.8 x 8.8 x 3 cm

13. Mosquito Patch

Each Pack have 24 Patches

Can last for 4 - 8 Hours for each Patch

Zip Lock back into package when not using

Safe for Infant, Kids, Adults, Prenant Mother

Expiry Date: 2021/2022

14. Korea Packaging KeyChain Set

2 Sided KeyChain, Color your Keychain with the Glitter Glue and make it into a keychain, Hook to kids Bag/ Keys etc
Each Set Include 4 Tub of Gliter Glue, 1 Design + KeyChain
Korea Packaging, Nice and Lovely for Kids

14. Korea Packaging KeyChain Set (GLITTER GLUE)

2 Sided Design

* Bear & CupCake are on the Same KeyChain

* Castle & Buttlefly are on the Same KeyChain

* Fairy & Flower are on the Same KeyChain

Swan & Mermaid are on the Same KeyChain

NEW Set with Painting Paints and Brush Available for the KeyChain, instead of Glitter Glue, it come with Paint and Brush

14. Korea Packaging KeyChain Set (FOAMCLAY)

Foam Clay DIY Key Chain

2 Sided Keychain, Front and Back 2 Different Design
Kids can creatively design their Keychain and Hang onto their Bags, Use as Key Holder, etc UNIQUELY will be theirs
Korea Packaging, Nice and Presentable as Gifts ???? 

15. Cutlery Gift Sets

Cute and Presentable as Gift for Friends/ Teacher/ Kids

Each Set Comes with 1 Gift Box, 1 Pair of Chopstick and 1 Spoon

- Hello Kitty -

- Doraemon -

- Pooh -

* Box may be dent during delivery *

* Color may be slightly different , Not for Fussy Customer *

16. BINGO Game

Measures: 13 x 9.5 cm (Chips is 1 cm Each) Include of Red and Yellow Chips (KIDS SIZE)


Size of Pouch:
Design 01 & 02 - 10.5 x 12.5 cm
Design 03 - 11 - 11 x 8 cm
Design  12 - 16 - 14.5 x 10 cm

18. Balloon

Add on Purchase of Balloon Pump

Measures: 16.5 x 2.4 cm

19. Whiteboard - Simple Whiteboard -

Measures: 24.5 x 16.5 cm

19. Whiteboard - Whiteboard Bundle Set -

Each Set Include 1 Whtie Board, 1 Whiteboard Marker, 1 Booklet, 1 Eraser, 1 Sharperner, 2 Pencil

Kids can Learn Spelling, New Words, or even Play Tick Tac Toe with the Whiteboard. Draw and Erase easily with the small duster attached on the Marker

Bring Along when Travel or Moving between Homes/ Holidays. Keep the Kids Entertained and Learn while Outside

20. Bag and Stationary Set - Hand Carry -

All in one Goodie Bag, No need to Worry about Carrier bags anymore. ALL INSIDE ALREADY ^^

Each Set Comes with 1 Hand Carry Bag (As Shown), 1 Notebook, 2 Pencils, 1 Ruler, 1 Eraser, 1 Sharpener

Measures: 22.5 x 28 cm

Design May be different but SAME Cartoon Character

20. Bag and Stationary Set - Tote Bag -

All in one Goodie Bag, No need to Worry about Carrier bags anymore. ALL INSIDE ALREADY ^^

Each Set Comes with 1 Hand Carry Bag (As Shown), 1 Notebook, 1 Pencils, 1 Ruler, 1 Eraser, 1 Sharpener

PLEASE be informed only 1 PENCIL

Measures: 27 x 18.5 cm

PLEASE be informed only 1 PENCIL

Design May be different but SAME Cartoon Character

21. Wallet Gift Set (Suction Packaging)

Perfect gifts for kids going to Primary School ! All that they need for Primary 1

Comes with 6 things in a package - Pencil x2, Ruler, Sharpener, Eraser and 1 Wallet

Each Set Measures: 17 x 21.3 cm

21. Wallet Gift Set (Gift Box Packaging)

Nice and Presentable for Party Gifts

Each Set include 6 items, 

- Ruler
- Pencils x2
- Sharperner
- Eraser
- Wallet

Kids will Love it so Much !

* Box May be slightly damage during delivery, Not for Fussy Customer *
23. Zip Pencil Case 7Pcs Set

Each Set Include 1 Pencil Case, 1 Notebook, 1 Ruler, 2 Pencils, 1 Sharpener, 1 Eraser

Measures: 19 x 10 cm

24. Pirate Barrel

Fun and Exciting! Who will make the Pirate Pop up ?
Can have it in Party, Event, Schools.
Fun and Suitable for all ages to play together
Measures: 13 x 14 x 6 cm

Random Color Will be Given Out

Design May be different but same Cartoon Character
25. Stationary Gift Set - 5Pcs Gift Set

Each Package Include 2 Pencil, 1 Ruler, 1 Eraser, 1 Sharper

25. Stationary Gift Set - 10Pcs Color Pencil Set
Each set includes 1 Pencil, 1 Ruler, 1 Sharperner, 1 Eraser, 5 Color Pencil
All the things kids need for school ^^

26. Puzzle 30 Pcs Series

Educational Puzzle that come in many design
Puzzle allow kids to train their focus and observation skill

Measures: 15 x 10 cm

- Sample Design of Each Cartoon - Will be different Prints for each batch but same Cartoon Design.
Most Design have few different Designs, will be randomly given out

27. Kids 3D Cartoon Stickers


The design may be different but of the same cartoon u have choosen

- Girl Design -

- Boy Design -

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