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Deal was updated on 15 May 2021
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Hello, customer !
More than 100 pieces of mask per person have been banned due to changes in the customs policy.

If you buy another kind of mask together and the total is over 100pcs, it will be cancled.

It doesn't matter if the cart number are different.


KID - Disposable Mask (Black, White) * 50pcs

Disposable Face Mask - KID

Color : Black, White

3Layer(50pcs) non individually wrap

Size : W14 × H8.5 cm

Weight : White -3g (1piece), Black -3.5g (1piece)


Adult - Disposable White Mask *50pcs

Disposable Face Mask - White
This product (white) cannot be returned.
Because the combined return shipping cost and customs duties are higher than the purchase amount. 

Color : White
3Layer(50pcs) non individually wrap Size : W17.5 × H9.4 cm

Weight : 2.6g (1piece)

A Package of 50pcs.

It’s vacuum-packed by 50 pieces.

Adult - Disposable Blue Mask* 50pcs

3Layer Blue Disposable Face Mask

Color : Blue

Size : W17 × H9.6 cm

Weight : 3.3g (1piece)

(50pcs) non individually wrap



Triple Layer Mask

It made of non-woven filter(inside, outside) and dust filter(middle)

Built-in Wire

Three-stage folding structure and buli-in wire allow for good adhesion to the entire face.

A Package of 50pcs. 5 bundles of 10pcs.
Chinese wrappers are mixed.
The production date is not written.be produced in March.
It’s NOT vacuum-packed.

Black mask
3Layer Black Disposable Face Mask


Color : Black

Size : W17.5 × H9.3 cm

Weight : 3.7g (1piece)

(50pcs) non individually wrap

3 layer mask with activated carbon filter

The high elasticity band helps ease the burden on your ears and built-in wire allow for good adhesion to the entire face.

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