Rerise White Dye Glare Range Cohesive Finish Unisex Book 155g

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Product Name
Rerise White Dye Glare Range (Natural Grey) Cohesive Finish Unisex Book 155g
Product Code: PROD1390000140
Product Information
[Does not damage] Next-generation white care * 2 dyed only with melanin * 1 that is 100% natural. Every time I use it, I add naturalness to white. Even if you use it repeatedly, it will not damage your skin and gives you a natural gloss. * 1 Coloring component (dihydroxyindol) * 2 For Kao's white care. Next-generation white care is a hair dye that contains dihydroxyindole (coloring ingredient) used in the bathroom.

[Easy to apply on the bath! Just run in 5 minutes] It is difficult to stain the scalp and skin * 1, and the bath is hard to stain * 2. Unscented with no odor. * Comparison with Bone Hair Manicure by 1 company * 2 It may be difficult to remove depending on the material.

[Capacity] One 155g can be used for all 4 shotohairs, about 4 times.

[Preparing White Naturally with Grease] Naturally preparing white with Grae for a refined impression. Recommended for those who want to blend white naturally without dyeing. White is not noticeable and all shades are adjusted.

[Cohesive finish] Recommended for those who want a quick and cohesive style up to the tips of their hair.

* cannot be gray
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