2020 Limited Edition Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder NEW SHISEIDO Tone Up Essence

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Snow Beauty
Whitening Face Powder 2020/ 2019 / 2018 

Direct  from Japan



24 hours, by the skin. Medicated skin care powder

To snow-like pure and delicate, transparent skin. Medicated skin whitening powder.
In the morning to make-up finish, as night skin care for the night, 24 hours, by the skin.
With the whitening active ingredient "m-tranexamic acid *", it suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.
With two puffs for face powder and bare skin care. Limited quantity items.

* Suppresses the formation of melanin, prevents spots and freckles, tranexamic acid

[When used as a powder]
? After preparing your skin with lotion, milky lotion, makeup foundation, please use for finishing and makeup for foundation.
? We recommend using in combination with makeup foundation, foundation etc. with UV protection effect.
? Take an appropriate amount of powder with "Smooth Fit Puff" (thin puff) and let it blush lightly over the whole face.
? When using it for makeup correction, please use it after holding the excess sebum with tissue paper etc.

[When used as skin care at night]
? Please use it after applying lotion, milky lotion, cream etc. well to your skin.
? Take an appropriate amount of powder with "Smooth Soft Puff" (thick puff), make it so as to lighten the whole face, then let it gently slide.

* When using it as morning skin care, it is recommended to use it together with milky lotion that has UV protection effect.

? Put the compact in the pouch, put "smooth soft puff" in the transparent pocket on the inside.
In that case, please wipe off the powder remaining in the puff with tissue paper or the like before putting it on

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