Joe's NYC Bar at Upper East Side

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Step right into some 3D theatre! Joes is an immersive and interactive theatre experience which will transport you to a whole new world. Built on the actors improvisational skills, the show has audiences asking for drinks and taking part in discussions that are all part of the show.

The characters talk about America- its culture, its history, its violence, and so on. As audiences are drawn into the plot, it leaves you newer ideas, thoughts, and perspectives.


  • “Its genius lies in its setting: a seedy bar in The Big Apple. It’s familiar enough to be comfortable but exotic enough to lend an air of excitement.’s beautiful to see normal people realise that they are capable of being more thought provoking than they might have believed.”

-- James W. Woe, Broadway Baby

  • “Between Gabriel, the owner, and Piper, bouncer, they keep everything moving and just civilized enough to be fun for everyone; whether you’re participating or watching. There’s a wild cabaret artist and band and drinks served throughout...This is incredibly well-conceived and executed by Christian Kelty and friends.”

--Catherine Lamm, British Theatre Guide


Stars: Michael Wanzie, Michael Marinaccio, Simon Needham, Anitra Pritchard-Bryant

Playwright: Christian Kelly


  • Your tickets will be emailed to you shortly. You must carry a printed copy of the tickets to the venue along with a valid photo ID.

  • Redeem Location : Ryan's Daughter 350 E 85th St New York 10028

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