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Why Watch Fiddler on the Roof

A musical written by Jerry Bock in 1905, Fiddler on the Roof is a story of a father from Tevye who hopes to maintain cultural traditions in the family. The first theatrical production of this musical was at Broadway in 1964, and it surpasses 3,000 performances owing to its incredible popularity. The original production also went on to win an unprecedented nine Tony Awards, making it one of the most successful shows to be featured at Broadway. Almost 3 hours long, the musical goes into the intricacies of keeping up with the changing world, while still attempting to hold onto the dear traditions that constitute a culture. All the characters and the community is seen from the inside out, and you will part of this tiny town. The director, Joel Grey, a Tony winner, is able to capture this emotionally charged music in a spectacular fashion and ensures that each loss aches feels as if it were your own. The dark themes are well complemented by the lighter aspects of the musical, and the protagonist's struggle between compassion and tradition makes it endearing. The classic songs and theme have remained unchanged since the inception of the musical in the early 1900s, a testament to the incredible prowess of the creators.

The Story

The story is set in the Pale of Settlement region of Imperial Region in the year of 1905. Tevye, a milkman, lives with his five daughters, and a demanding wife. Tevye is a traditional man, and he is of the belief that the customs of the Jews must be maintained. The threat of anti-Semitic violence and anger looms in the air. Everyone in Tevye's family is seen preparing for the upcoming Sabbath meal at home. The village matchmaker arrives at their home and informs Tevye’s wife, Goldie that the wealthy Lazar Wolf, a widower older than Tevye, wants to marry Tevye’s eldest daughter, Tzeitel. Tzeitel, however, is in love with Motel, a tailor, and wants to marry him. Tevye’s two younger daughters also fall in love and break the tradition of letting the Matchmaker arrange the marriages. Meanwhile, persecution of the Jewish people is occurring throughout the region, and the people must prepare themselves for the violence that is going to ensue. Follow Tevye, as he tries to come to terms with these life-altering developments.

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