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Why Watch The Office!

If you have been watching re-runs of The Office! since 2013, when the last episode of the US show aired, then The Office! A Musical Parody is for you. It gives you a sense of familiarity as you meet the characters that you love once again, but somehow, they are even funnier! The show is written by Bob and Toby McSmith who have successfully parodied other epic TV Shows. Their previous shows have been FRIENDS! The Parody, Full House! The Parody!, Katdashians The Musical! And ShowGirl! The Musical.

The musical has a brilliant mixed-gender cast that does a great job of emulating the unique quirks of the characters. The cast includes Sarah Mackenzie Baron, Michael Santora, Andrew Wade and Taylor Coriell in leading roles. The parody takes a caustic look at the things each character has said and how quite a bit of it has not aged well, thanks to the evolving culture that decries sexist, racist, and homophobic content.

The Office! A musical parody stays true to its course of parodying the show but also does not make it unpalatable to the fans. As Mashable puts it, it's the 'The world's most elaborate inside joke, created with a whole lot of love, just for fans.'

The Story

The Office! A Musical Parody offers a comical and scathing view of the hit TV series The Office. The musical follows the lives of the employees of the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Company, just like the show did. It offers a condensed storyline of the 201 episodes with a peek into the show's most hilarious and memorable moments.

Michael Scott is the eccentric and irreverent branch manager who doesn't have a mind-filter but manages to do an excellent job of keeping the band together. His assistant manager Dwight Schrute loves rules and has a rivalry with fellow salesperson Jim Halpert. Jim is in love with the docile receptionist Pam Beesly, and a motley group of co-workers supports them.

The musical covers each of the defining moments of their story like Jim and Pam's love story, the Dundies, the shenanigans of the party planning committee, closing of a branch and the slew of new management and of course a lot of coupling! The musical also brings in nuggets of new information like the latest works of each of the characters and a showcase of how the current political and social context makes the same jokes not-so-funny!

Good For

Fans of The Office| Parody lovers | Fans of comedy


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