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Why Watch The Book of Merman

Inspired by the black comedy and hit musical The Book of Mormon, this musical captures the same wit and intelligence that made the original wildly popular. The witty dialogue and intelligent lyrics have been met with critical acclaim. With music composed by 2013 Jeff Award Winner, Leo Schwartz, you are guaranteed a show filled with spectacular tunes. The musical is a tribute to the famous singer, Ethel Merman, with several references to her thunderous voice and exuberant style. Schwartz is able to effectively capture the attention of the younger Broadway audience with his unique and catchy compositions. The wit is wonderfully woven into the lyrics, making it funny, yet smooth and natural at the same time. Many of the tunes are clever parodies of original songs, and the others are incredibly composed originals that fit perfectly into the setting of the musical. Carly Sakolove’s performance as the unparalleled Ethel Merman has won accolades from critics and the audience alike. For fans of The Book of Mormon and Ethel Merman, this musical is a must-see, and they are guaranteed to have one of the most entertaining nights in their life!

The Story

The Book of Merman follows the misadventure of two saints from Salt Lake City, Elder Shumway, and Elder Brathwaite. They walk through the city and share their beliefs and gospel, hoping to convert people to the Mormon religion and save their soul. After a long and unsuccessful day, they decide to go to one last house before they call it a day. They come upon a house with the initials “E.M.” Only when the ring the doorbell and the door opens do they realize that it stands for Ethel Merman, the legendary singer and theatre performer. Shumway, who dreams of a life on Broadway, immediately recognizes Merman and sees his opportunity to break into the big stage. Braithwaite, on the other hand, is a by-the-book rule follower and sees spreading the Mormon religion as his only goal. Join the two young missionaries in their misadventures, and watch hilarity ensue as the fun unfolds!

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