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Why Watch That Physics Show

That Physics Show is an awesome and educational production that feels much like a magic show. David Maiullo, veteran Physics demonstrator takes to the stage to showcase a plethora of scientific forces and properties, including motion, momentum, energy, sound and light waves. Maiullo has plenty of experience in the forefront of scientific demonstrations, about 20 odd years, at Rutgers University. Maiullo does not require glitz or glamour to woo kids and adults alike with his amazing experiments and tricks. The theatrical touches encouraged by Eric Krebs makes the show all the more enchanting. The only difference between this show and magic would be that unlike magicians, Maiullo reveals his tricks in the end, which all take root in the principle of science, making it all the more appealing and mind-blowing! Not to mention, he is quite the chatterbox, asking for predictions before setting off on a trick, and by the end of the show, even the most timid child will be calling out for guesses.

Admittedly, That Physics Show is mounted on a shoestring budget and conducted in one of those black-box theatres. But Maiullo’s contagious enthusiasm and cool tricks make up for all of it!

The Show

In That Physics Show, balloons burst into flame, soda cans crack, and lasers light up the room. The stage is full of strange contraptions that Maiullo uses to perform tricks which, as much as they may seem magical are really just practical in the scientific sense. Maiullo does not fail to explain how everything works. He lies on a bed of nails and even has a kid mount his back, further explaining why it doesn’t hurt a bit. He uses a fire extinguisher like a jet pack, to propel himself across the stage on a go-cart. By the end of it, the stage is full of popped balloons, burnt rice krispies, and a lot of broken things which Maiullo says is the very concept of science - to break all previously known notions.

Good For

Science Buffs | Tweens | Family

Critics Review

" 'That Physics Show' is a fun and interactive show that everyone should come and see." - Newsday

“The production uses whiz-bang theatrics to entertain and to de-mystify a subject that often causes considerable head-scratching and glazed eyes among high school students (to say nothing of adults).” - My Central Jersey


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