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Why Watch Frankenstein

An all-new musical based on the renowned 1818 novel by Mary Shelley is all set to take the stage at Broadway. More than 2 centuries after the original book was published, the story continues to enrapture audiences across the world. The themes of love and companionship are, in fact, more applicable to today’s state of affairs across the globe. Directed by Clint Hromsco, this musical is neither a parody nor a comedy but stays true to the original. With the book and lyrics by famed composer Eric B. Sirota, the musical delves into the psyche of the man inside the monster. The adaptation’s original score has been widely praised, and the synthesized electronic music fits in wonderfully with the eerie mood of the performance. Erick Sanchez-Canahuate’s performance as the Creature has been critically acclaimed, and his portrayal of the Creature as a humane person rather than a monster has been well received by critics. The theme of a scientific experiment gone wrong is right up Sirota’s alley, who holds a PhD in Physics. All in all, the musical adaptation still holds the tension and sparks that made the original story a timeless classic.

The Story

Dr Victor Frankenstein hopes has a strong desire to conquer mortality. His mother dies prematurely, and it spurs him to achieve his dream of creating an immortal being. Dr Victor collects several old body parts from corpses and attempts to reanimate the dead body with electricity. He finally succeeds in creating a humanoid named Creature, but it turns out extremely hideous and true to its name. Will he be successful in his endeavor to end human mortality? Or is he entering into territory beyond his control that can threaten to destroy everything?

Good For

First Time Broadway Goers | Fans of Frankenstein | Lovers of Classical Stories

Critics Review

“The show’s eye-popping design represents a strange synthesis of the 19th-century and now.” - DC Metro

“This Gothic beauty of a novel is spectacularly transposed onto the stage in this production - from the eerie music that plays to how the lyrics perfectly capture the existential angst of simply being alive.” - Broadway World


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