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Why Watch Katsura Sunshine's Rakugo

Rakugo is the Japanese art of presenting elaborate sentimental stories sprinkled with delightful comedy. The storyteller uses nothing but a paper fan (sensu) and a cloth (tenugui) as props for the tale to come. Often compared to sitcom, Rakugo involves a frequent exchange of words between different characters played by the same individual. This difference is brought out in a subtle manner with a change of tone or a different facial angle. Although there are records of Rakugo being practised as far back as the 9th and 10th centuries, its current form evolved during the Edo period of Japan. From royal courts of Daimyos to street shows in the 18th century, Rakugo has entertained and influenced generations of audiences and artists. Katsura Sunshine is one of the few remaining masters of this art form. In fact, it is believed that there are only 800 masters left in the world. He has performed in several countries including Sri Lanka, France, Ghana, Slovenia, South Africa, Australia, and Hong Kong. His West End debut in October 2017 and Off-Broadway debut in November 2017 were critically acclaimed. He was also the emcee of the recent G20 summit in Osaka!

The Show

Katsura Sunshine appears on stage dressed in a kimono. He begins by kneeling down on a single cushion and assuming the role of a lone storyteller. A simple Japanese fan and a hand towel serve as his faithful props as he commences his comedic monologue and a traditional story. Sunshine proceeds to effortlessly bridge the gap between the East and West with characteristic hilarity. The charming characters coupled with the witty dialogue sequences are bound to make you clutch your sides in fits of laughter.

Good For

Comedy Lovers | Japanese Culture Buffs | Fans of Katsura Sunshine


“An opportunity to see a little-known Japanese art form performed by an expert.”
- Theater Pizzazz


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