Orihiro low molecular weight hyaluronic acid collagen bag type 180g X 2 set / set of 3 / fragrance concentrate concentrated collagen / collagen 11000mg equivalent / glucosamine ceramide formu

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2 sets of Origin low-molecular hyaluronic acid collagen bag type
11000mg of collagen in a dense collagen mix

Collagen-specific PO, or OG, is a dipeptide called hydroxyhydroxypropylene (H

Combine this PO and OG high concentration of pesticide collagen.

We significantly increased the amount of collagen to 11,000mg. (Comparison with existing low-molecular hyaluronic acid collagen)

It's a good flavorless type that doesn't hurt the taste of food.

Double-clear manufacturing inhibits the unique smell that bothers you.

Whatever you put in, you can enjoy it.
Low molecular weight using hyaluronic acid.

Recommended dietary allowance of 6 g mg 20.

In my capacity :

180 g (30 days) set two x

180 g (30 days) x three sets.

Size :

150 x, 85 x

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